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      Sub: e-Content for 20RPE00 - Research and Publication Ethics (RPE) Ph.D Coursework - reg

      Ref: VTU/BGM/Ac/Ph.D/2022-23/868 dated:20-10-2023


      VTU Centre for Distance and Online Education, Mysuru will be providing e-resources (video lectures and power point presentations) and conducting Internal Assessments as per VTU Regulations (Ph.D) / M. S. (Research) – 2023 through the VTU-LMS portal. (http://lms.vtu.ac.in/).


      The detailed schedule is as mentioned below.



      Live Interaction with Course Experts

      Internal Assessment Announcement

      IA Submission Due Date 


      Module-1: Philosophy and Ethics

      09.02.2024 at 04:30 PM 




      Module-2: Scientific Conduct


      Module-3: Publication Ethics

      22.02.2024 at 04:00 PM 




      Module-4:  (a) Open Access Publishing

                                (b) Publication Misconduct


      Module-5: Databases and Research Metrics


      Please Note:

      1. Only the registered candidates shall refer to RPE teaching learning resources through the VTU-LMS portal (Learning Management System) URL is http:/lms.vtu.ac.in.

      2. The Teaching Learning Resources include pre-recorded lectures, tutorials, assignments and asynchronous discussions.

      3. The Registered Candidates must only refer to the uploaded teaching learning resources through the VTU-LMS portal.

      4. Doubt Clearance Sessions should be attended through the VTU-LMS portal only

      5. Attendance is mandatory.

      6. Assignments have to be submitted through VTU-LMS only.

      7. Strictly adhere to the timelines of assignment submission due dates.

      8. Continuous interaction and support from the course experts via email and discussion forums

      9. The Guidelines and manuals are available in VTU e-Learning and VTU-LMS Portal.

      For RPE Coursework registration & confirmation Queries contact phd@vtu.ac.in and any issues concerned with the VTU-LMS portal, schedules & technical assistance contact vtueshikshana@gmail.com.

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